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Too much or too little?

From 1st March until 20th October this year (2013), arts association ArtHAUS will be demanding our attention for the issue the right balance in the arts, with its exhibition series Zuviel-Zuwenig in Schloss Ahaus in Ahaus (GER) and Villa de Bank in Enschede. The standpoint of ArtHAUS is that we are living in an era dominated by immense amounts: countries and banks accumulate absurd amounts of debt, new urban spaces arise to provide the enormous numbers of people a place of their own, and every second that goes by, gigantic amounts of data are moved across the World Wide Web.

Today, largely as a result of the digital media and their infinite copyability, artists are being confronted with an enormous amount of resources – resulting in arguments concerning the question of balance. A number of artists view the generous supply as wealth and use of a huge arsenal of styles, techniques and sources. Other artists favour a focus on the essence, of the reduction to a pure colour or geometric form.

It’s a bit more than you asked for, is that OK?
Zuviel-Zuwenig places these two tendencies in opposition to each other, on an equal footing and framed as a question. Is there too little form, colour and material? Or is there a risk of saturation and numbness? And how much art can a human being tolerate exactly? Is there such a thing as too much or too little art?

As part of the German-Dutch cultural programme GrensWerte, ARTHAUS will be holding three exhibitions of works by ten European artists, both in Schloss Ahaus and in Villa de Bank in Enschede. The GrenseWerte theme for this year – Plusminus – will be complemented with a rich alternative programme including film showings and a recital evening. The common thread remains: excess and restraint.

The following artists will be featured: Christian Helwing, Pieter Holstein, Doris Kaiser, Christiane Löhr, Maurice Maillard, Katrin Paul, Thomas Poggenhans, Ton van Kints, Marco Brambilla, Ulu Braun, Thomas Fiebig, Gudrun Kattke, Sebastian Mügge, Paul Nassenstein, Oliver Ross, Philipp Schelwe and Moritz Schleime. The idea for the exhibition series originates from the artist Ulrich Ludewig from Gronau. The creator of the concept is Jürgen Brömmer.

As part of the Münsterland Festival Part 7
20 September 2013 – 20 October 2013
Schloss Ahaus, Ahaus (GER)
Artist: Maurice Maillands
Opening: Friday 20 September 2013 at 20:00

22 September 2013 – 20 October 2013
Villa de Bank, Enschede
Artist: Helen von Burg
Opening: Sunday 22 september 2013 at 15:00

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