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Virtual Borders

The participatory project Virtual Borders by Claudia Brieske and Leslie Huppert was primarily geared towards specifying and defining all the various types of borders that influence our lives. In its latest version, the emphasis is no longer on observation and reflection, but on overcoming, combating and dismantling barriers.

Artists were invited to make collaborative videos on the theme Borders, Transcending Borders and Border Decay. The videos show artistic utopias, visions and strategies expressing in particular rebellion against the resistant, inner borders. It’s not just about political aspects but the biological, metaphysical and utopian aspects too.

In autumn of 2013, the artists projected videos on a number of specially selected buildings in the Euregio that, through their function and architecture, enhance the chosen theme: in divided villages, a no man’s land, a historic militia, and an old canal sluice. These video productions can now be viewed during the GrensWerte World Exhibition at Kloster Bentlage in Rheine (GER).

Saturday 12 April // from 13.00
Kloster Bentlage, Rheine (GER)

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