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Über den Tellerrand

The topic of the research project Über den Tellerrand by Judith Hofmann and Anke Sentker is communal eating: that moment we communicate with each other, to be shared and experienced together. The year theme Best Before forced both artists to stop delaying any longer and to enjoy the moment together. Judith and Anke look for answers to the question:  to what extent is eating an experience, or a pure necessity? How important is it to actually eat together, to maintain relationships and to cherish traditions?

The basis for their research is the plates we eat from. A collection of tableware –  a mix of stuff that’s been inherited and discoveries at flea markets – is visually supplemented with new stories. German and Dutch sayings that link relations and communal eating form the basis for the various illustrations on the plates. This will be the first exhibition where you can admire the results of this study.

Some of the printed plates will then form part of a travelling exhibition along the border area. In various kitchens and dining rooms, they will serve as inspiration for thoughts and conversations during a meal. Follow the plates on Facebook to see everything that happens to them on their travels. Afterwards these plates will be displayed, together with their travelogues, as an end-of-year exhibition.

GrensWerte World Exhibition
Sunday 23 March // from 15.00
Kloster Bentlage, Rheine (Germany)

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