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Onhoudbaar! - valse geschiedenis

Perishable! - False History

Borders and professions that have disappeared or are in the process of disappearing are visualised and analysed in more detail. Personal stories are recalled and compared with similar tales from the other side of the border and are upgraded through the association of the artists. A new sell by date with new content you might say.

With his project Perishable! – False History, the Dutch artist Patrick Mangnus will be connecting personal anecdotes from both sides of the border. And will try to identify common ground in the stories he unearths. His search leads him to locations that have a story to tell, places whose forgotten history can once again be made visible.

To these stories, he adds his own associations, while retaining their essence. Did the Dutch farmer for example transport milk by horse? And what was it like in the old days in the countryside on the German side? How is the situation now with farmhouses that used to be fully detached and are now encircled by residential and industrial areas as a result of urbanisation? The artistic license that the artist is allowed enables him to create a fictional trade route and to link the two stories together.

The project results in:
- interviews being held
- 6 events, performances or interventions in the public space
- photos and video recordings of these public events
- prints or drawings: a combination of the existing stories and the artist’s contribution
- publication of limited editions of 200 unique copies The publication consists of stories of permanent value for undiscovered locations and vanished or vanishing history.
- an exhibition in the Kunstenlab in Deventer from Thursday 13 March till Sunday 23 March 2014, opened from Thursday through Sunday from 13.00 till 17.00 and on Thursday evening from 17.00 till 21.00, after which the exhibition will travel to the participating villages and towns. In this way, the local population is given back its history.

The GrensWerte World Exhibition in Kloster Bentlage in Rheine (GER) will exhibit the large majority of all the results, and during the opening on 21 March, sound artist Jeroen Diepenmaat created a new composition on the spot, accompanied by a singer from the places the interviews were taken.

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