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Shopping arcades are never just functional. There’s always room for something extra. And when art made its entrance in the arcade, it became obvious that this was where wishes and dreams could be visualised. Elaine Vis transformed the Rathauswinkelpassage in Emsdetten into a living biotope, where birds twitter and people sing gaily in harmony.

In Nesten in Rheine, German and Dutch starlings and sparrows enter into discussion with each other because they speak the same language on both sides of the border. Border? What border?

Nests by Elaine Vis was part of Doorgang, a project in shopping arcades, by Galerie Münsterland e.V. & AkkuH, Aktuele Kunst Hengelo.

With thanks to Tape-TV Arno Peeters Utrecht, Michaela Kuhlendall, Markus Nilling and Bas Stomp.

During the opening ceremony of the GrensWerte World Exhibition on 21 March 2014 at the Kloster Bentlage in Rheine (Germany).

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