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Media Art Garden

Don’t throw away your old vegetables, fruit and food processors! Bring them to the Media Art Garden during MAFF and EMAF 2011. Work together to build a temporary digital garden. Public workshops on digital gardening will be hosted by the artists Wessel Westerveld and Karl Heinz Jeron in the Media Art Garden.

During the workshops, participants will work with organic materials such as vegetables and fruit and connect these to electromechanical machines. Each vegetable or fruit has an energy of its own that can be converted into machine movements. Just imagine a garden maintaining itself using machines made by people. What kind of nature or culture would we get then?
Come and discover it for yourself during these workshops!

After the workshop, the new self-built machines can be taken home and you will become the proud owner of a unique natural and artistic product.
No prior knowledge of gardening or technology is required for this workshop.
Admission is free, under the condition that the participants bring along as many vegetables and fruit (preferably past their sell by date and obtained free of charge) and old kitchen equipment with them.

The Media Art Garden is a collaboration between Mediakunst festivals MAFF and EMAF.

View the Media Art Garden in the context of the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) in Osnabruck from 28 till 30 April 2011. The “Supergides” animation group of the theatre company Roest from the Dutch town of Oldenzaal will also be roaming the streets of Osnabruck looking to enlist visitors and participants for the Media Art Garden.

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