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During his orientation trip across the border area of the Münsterland and Overijssel in March 2012, the light artist from Hamburg Jan Philip Scheibe went looking for suitable agrarian locations. He planted three maize plants no less than four metres in height, made from aluminium plate and equipped with light shades, like the ones you see at fairground attractions. Now his maize plants can be admired as part of a procession during the opening of the GrensWerte World Exhibition on 21 March 2014 at Kloster Bentlage in Rheine (Germany).

In recent years his maize fields have formed striking elements in the landscape of the border area. Just a few years ago, maize was cultivated on a limited number of plots as a forage crop or sweet corn, but today, in addition to oil seed rape, it has been transformed into the most important crop as a source of energy. Agricultural land that had lain fallow for years is now being re-used to supply enough silo maize for the biogas installations that are popping up everywhere. And this is how the landscape is changing – the plant life swaying in the wind has become a style element.
The installation series places the maize plant in the spotlights, in a playful manner, while also posing critical questions.

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