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Hinterland Achterland

Two artists comb the border area, in search of traditions that are at risk of disappearing. Berenice Staiger and Jacomijn Schellevis visit historical centres, listen to people’s stories, at locations that have their own tales to tell. Their aim is to help preserve the cultural- and family bound traditions of the border area among all the old and almost forgotten traditions of that region.

In their collection of notes, sketches and drawings, they replace the fading traditions with their subjective experiences, filtering and interpreting the information and translating them into drawings. In doing so, they instil in us the impulse to reflect on these disappearing customs and traditions – while expressing them in an installation that is presented simultaneously on both sides of the border.

Click here for a peek behind the scenes at Hinterland Achterland.

GrensWerte World Exhibition
Sunday 6 April // from 11.00
Kloster Bentlage, Rheine (Germany)

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