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GrensWerte World Exhibition

The GrensWerte World Exhibition is over - below the closing program after four years GrensWerte:

The start of the GrensWerte World Exhibition on 21 March will reunite old friends and create new friendships, and two days later we will exhibit everything that GrensWerte has brought forth. On Sunday 6 April, there is a family day planned especially for the little ones. On 12 April we have the Living Marketplace, a lively platform for artists and cultural organisations, companies and other interested parties.


Hallo, hoe gaat’s met dir?: Stefan van den Berg sings the GrensWerte hymn with three choirs.

Blumenschieβen: The German artist Swaantje Güntzel transforms the surrounding flora by shooting flowers seeds into the air.

Cultural debate led by Jan-Christoph Tonigs (artistic leader of Kloster Bentlage), with dr. Dorothee Feller (vice-president Bezirksregierung Münster), dr. Elisabeth Schwenzow (EUREGIO director), mr. drs. Michael Sijbom (mayor of Losser) and drs. Hero Klinker (Cultural and Social team leader, Overijssel Province). The exhibition will be opened for the public after the debate.

Opening buffet

MAIS: Procession of the German light artist Philip Scheibe with his illuminating maize plants.

False history: Transformations of traditions through an artistic manipulation of history supervised by the artist Patrick Mangnus in collaboration with Jeroen Diepenmaat.

Sozialpalast: Music originating from a caravan with Dutch and German musicians, including Tom Liwa and Erwin Nyhoff.

Door to nothingness: A door to the unknown ‘nothing’ on the cloister grounds.

The floating ear: An ear-shaped, helium-filled air balloon is floating in the public space and receives all the sounds coming from the ground.

Service station: Something best described as a deserted petrol station made out of wood.

Demarcation zone: Cross-border swinging on the cloister grounds.

Nests: Starlings and sparrows enter into discussion with each other in the cloisters.

Opening GrensWerte World Exhibition
Friday 21 March // from 16.00 until 21
Kloster Bentlage, Rheine (Germany)

Who are those participating artists?

The full programme: GrensWerteWeltAusstellung.pdf

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