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Field study on 'Avondbrood' [Evening meal with bread]

You could consider the Avondbrood field study as a mobile kitchen, a travelling snack bar, an artistic research institute and a platform for communication all rolled into one. The transport vehicle for the mobile kitchen is a specially designed caravan with a constantly varying assortment of avondbrood and an archive of avondbrood culture on board.

In the German-Dutch border area, this artistic research project initiated by artists Ingke Günther and Jörg Wagner compared German avondbrood culture with Dutch eating habits. The “mobile avondbrood” travelled to public streets and squares, temporarily taking control of these spaces to give a “private” showing by offering avondbrood to the public. By eating communally, the artists entered into a dialogue with the public. They collected and archived stories, memories and photographs around the phenomenon of avondbrood, shared recipes and accepted invitations for avondbrood meals in people’s homes.

This spring they’re back in the Euregio, and you can see visit them – and their avondbroodmobiel on the cloister grounds of Kloster Bentlage in Rheine (D) during the GrensWerte World Exhibition.

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