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Grenze/Grens... to be expired... to be remembered

Political borders play a key role In the personal biography of the Zagreb-born Kristina Leko. It seems therefore natural that the theme of Borders also features prominently in her work. The focus of her work lies however on stories about traditions, which are gradually disappearing.

Kristina Leko looks for tales about customs and traditions that are told at work, and in the home. And for stories that are handed down from generation to generation – or perhaps not. How did people keep animals for example? How did children grow up? How were family recipes handed down? What role did clothing play over the years?

During her workshops, Kristina Leko collected the stories of both German and Dutch inhabitants of the
Euregio, merging these stories and creating an archive. The result is a collection of stories of cultural-anthropological value, which are then drawn on big school boards and placed in public spaces.

Kristina Leko was born in Zagreb and studied Visual Arts, Philosophy and Indian Studies in Zagreb and Berlin. Her work consists of socially critical and participative projects in the form of video, photography, text or installation. These projects often take place in the public space. The artist has initiated arts projects in many countries, where she collaborated with migrants and the elderly, the homeless and jobless. Her work has been exhibited in, amongst other locations, Zagreb and Vienna, New York and Chicago, London and Stockholm.

Sketch 'Grenze/Grens... to be expired... to be remembered'
Sketch 'Grenze/Grens... to be expired... to be remembered'

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