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Fruit van het DubbelNu

Three absurd tales for adults. About an extraordinary male cat, two (almost) identical sisters and soup for a queen. The Fruit van het Dubbelnu project – whose subject is the unbridled pleasure in imagination, nourished by reality – will be performed by writer Kitty Peetoom and the storytellers Brigitte Möllers and Jan Willem van Rijn. They will tell their stories again for the GrensWerte World Exhibition.

In the past six months, Dutch writer Kitty Peetoom has been collecting stories under the label Fruit van het Dubbelnu: “Stories you come across in real life, but which sound so absurd, that they’re too strange to possibly be true”.

The collaboration with the storytellers lends the project a special flavour. Peetoom: “It results in an artistic cross-pollination. It’s so exciting to see how the stories change, adapt in the hands of the storytellers, into something that is greater than the sum of its parts”.

Sunday 23 March // from 13.00
Kloster Bentlage, Rheine (Germany)

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