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Door to nothingness

Climate change is everywhere. We’re constantly being reminded that our natural resources come with a sell by date. The American artist David Smithson focuses our attention on this theme in a creative way – completely in line with this year’s theme Best Before. His sculptures highlight the climate change phenomenon and the resulting urgency of renewable energy reserves.

The Door to nothingness, driven by solar energy, is located in the public space and invites passers-by to walk through it.
The door consists of a metal pane, lined on both sides with solar panels. As soon as someone approaches the door, a sensor is activated that opens the door and invites the person to enter into the unknown ‘nothing’.

The door functions as a metaphor for our look into the future. It thus opens up new possibilities and stimulates our thinking about sustainability and the end, about how we treat nature and about changing our way of living.

David Smithson studied architecture in New York and sculpture in Wyoming. He has been living in Europe since 1984. His works characterise the dialogue between cultural European and American traditions and have been seen all over the world, including Berlin and São Paulo, Mumbai and Peking, New York and Paris.

During the opening ceremony of the GrensWerte World Exhibition on 21 March 2014 at the Kloster Bentlage in Rheine (Germany).

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