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I won’t eat that

A culinary study as an art project by Markus Binner

In the cookbook I won’t eat that by the German artist Markus Binner, dishes include kibbeling and sauerkraut, and chips and semmelknödel. On both sides of the German-Dutch border, Markus Binner’s team collected names of dishes from local inhabitants - dishes that their neighbours WON’T eat.

Which German dishes can the Dutch absolutely not tolerate and which Dutch dishes do the Germans refuse to eat?

During this study, which took place in 2012, various people were interviewed at different locations. These people all had some connection with eating, food and cooking – chefs, farmers, vegetable farmers, connoisseurs and even truck drivers in restaurants, canteens, roadside restaurants, and pedestrian precincts. The responses the artist got astonished him and proved how unfamiliar the Germans were with Dutch cuisine. As well as researching the food people won’t eat, the project tells us a lot about the other side of the border, and how differences in taste are related to empathy and identity. During the family day at the GrensWerte World Exhibition, Markus Binner will invite you to take part in an absurd tasting. Bon appetit!

Sunday 6 April 10 // from 11
Kloster Bentlage, Rheine (GER)

You can order the cookbook Dat lust ik niet | Das mag ich nicht by Markus Binner here.

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