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The project created by Kim Habers and Seppe Ovink(in collaboration with Sebas van Olst) is a performance, sculpture and film all rolled into one. The point of departure is the various characteristics of the Euregional cities of Zwolle (NL) and Rheine (D). How do cities come into being, especially their buildings? And what is precisely the difference between public and private spaces, how city dwellers behave, and the skylines and their demise? The two artists attempt to answer these questions – via a white glass cube that they place in public spaces and in which they portray the rise and fall of a city.

From the outside the cube looks like a static space, but inside the cube there’s a huge amount of creativity and energy. The project is structured in an interdisciplinary way, to encourage interaction with the public. On the walls, after cutting through the paper, drawings of street plans become visible. Through the openings in the paper one can see how urban structures are worked on in a monumental block of Plaster of Paris. Video projections in the cube raise the visibility of the work process. For this part of the project, Seppe Ovink is looking for local musicians who can compose a soundscape of the city (Zwolle or Osnabrück), to which he will respond with video images.

As a result of all these different reflective expressions, the public is invited to follow the process of change in a city. The effect of this approach is particularly breathtaking in the evening. In 24,the artists tell two poetic tales about the rise and fall of two different cities in two different countries. This provokes questions concerning how a city is defined. What exactly is a city? How do we live in a city? How do we work together? How sustainable is the result?

During the GrensWerte World Exhibition, two films will be shown in which the images of the rise and fall of the sculpture are edited in a time-lapse.

Where and when?
14, 15 and 16 March
City-Post, Zwolle

Location and dates for Osnabrück will follow soon.

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