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Is it possible to translate the word EUREGIO into a map? If that’s the case, how is the region of Twente actually integrated into Europe? As part of an art relay race, German and Dutch inhabitants and commuters along the border region worked together for one week to create a personal map. The initiators of the project were pleasantly surprised with the high amount of public interest it generated in Museum TwentseWelle in Enschede.

For two whole weeks, images of the hands of the participants were captured by a camera from above as they anonymously traced the identical contours of the map. The separate images were edited together to make a film, showing the process of the map as it is being created. A flexible and personal map developed around the changes in the previous contours of the border area – embedded in the European context. The map is visualised with the help of stop-motion animation at the end of the film. By making such an animated mind map, German and Dutch individuals take part in an artistic dialogue and a collective quest is represented in a playful manner.

The artists’ duo of Schild & Hufschmid from Berlin call this process ‘artistic transformation’. The speeded-up time-lapse images show the result of the continuous transformation of an area and the surrounding countries. These get smaller, expand, change in colour and size, vanish completely or are created spontaneously, stretch out or merge, blow themselves up or shrink.

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