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Do dreams and desires have a sell by date? Are fears ‘good till at least…’, or do they expire after a certain age limit has passed? How long can you keep dreams? The temporary installation entitled Altersgrenze visualises these existential feelings and their perishability during the course of someone’s life through the use of direction signs and texts placed on them. These direction signs are situated in the Netherlands and Germany on the side of the road and cross each other by the border.

Artist Silvia Wienefoet conducted interviews with older people in both the Netherlands and Germany. The key concept was: “What is your age waiting for and what do your dreams dream of?” Extracts from these interviews appear on the direction signs with gold/white arrows. The closer the signs are to the border, the more the texts are related to time running out.

Every day for two weeks, the direction signs are manually updated with new statements. The border thus acquires a figurative function. The signs confront passers-by with the personal life stories of others and with their own desires. Hikers will walk past, perhaps they’ll stop and read the next sign – so that they feel a temporary connection with others.

Where and when?
8 March till 18 March 2014
Border crossing Hessinghook, Südlohn (GER) and Illebergdiek, Winterswijk // 51°57’50.60"N 6°49’18.62"E
From Winterswijk train station to loop 3 of the Kommiezenpad, located between Winterswijk and Südlohn at the Vitiverter Bachborder post – Wellingbach – Steengroeven

8 March at 15.00

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