GrensWerte was started in 2009, financed via resources from the European INTERREG IV A-programme Germany-The Netherlands for cross-border collaboration. GrensWerte’s mission is to build up a lively and cross-border communication inthe EUREGIO through unique arts and culture projects. Additionally, GrensWerte works towards raising the profile of the EUREGIO as an exciting cultural space that also attracts attention outside its borders.

GrensWerte has been set up by four project partners that also contribute to the project: EUREGIO (lead partner), Münsterland e.V., Kreis Steinfurt and Kunst & Cultuur Overijssel (KCO, until end of 2012).
GrensWerte is designed and executed by the project office. The project office: coordinates the programme. It gives advice on arts projects (link: participation) and for submissions of requests, it supervises the execution of a project, takes care of the PR, monitors the subsidy requirements and assessment methods, extends and maintains the network.

The project office is organised as follows:
• Programme coordination and project management: Kathrin Strotmann, Stephan Us, Dick Smits and Emmy R. Bergsma
• Project coordination: Caroline Homberg, Lorenz Dik, Silvia Schuster and Ton Lowik
• PR: Maike Lautenschütz and Maria Renwarin

The steering group consists of representatives of strategic partners in the EUREGIO. It advises the project office, takes decisions concerning the execution of projects, and supervises the progress of GrensWerte.

Members of the steering group are: Linda Blom (EUREGIO e.V.), Hans-Peter Boer (Bezirksregierung Münster), Adriaan Buiks (Provincie Overijssel), Kristina Dröge (Kreis Steinfurt), Dagmar von Kathen (Kulturamt Stadt Osnabrück), Bianca Roelink (Provincie Gelderland) en Susanne Schulte (Münsterland e.V.)

waar is GrensWerte

This map shows the EUREGIO area within which all the GrensWerte projects take place. In the Netherlands, the Achterhoek Region and the municipality of Zutphen (Gelderland Province) are part of the EUREGIO, just as the Twente Region (in the Overijssel Province) and some municipalities in the Noordoost-Overijssel region (Dalfsen, Hardenberg and Ommen). The municipality of Coevorden (Drenthe Province) is also a member of the EUREGIO.

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