What is GrensWerte looking for?
We support projects that are original and striking, projects that transcend borders – both literally and figuratively. Projects that are interdisciplinarian and that encourage participation. German, Dutch, European, cosmopolitan.

Who’s allowed to take part?
It is not possible anymore to send in new projects. But who knows what comes next...?

As an INTERREG IV A project, GrensWerte runs from April 2010 till April 2014. Throughout this period, arts projects will be performed or carried out. Lasting between one minute and four years.

In the EUREGIO, between Dinxperlo and Kleinschlüsen. In Münster, Osnabrück, Enschede and Zwolle. In the woods and in the fields. On both sides of the border area.

Art is communication, dialogue and reflection. GrensWerte is a communicative process, and considers questions and findings in an unorthodox manner. An artistic approach produces insights, from another viewpoint.


Preservability in focus: every year in April, we announce the new theme for that year. Following the year themes of Passage, Overhanging Fruit and Plusminus, we now direct our attention to the Best Before Date.

Best before

From April 2013 through to March 2014, the year theme Best Before will focus on the best before date in all its forms. Best Before provokes questions regarding what happens when the Best Before date elapses, what if the borders of certainty are ignored and time and space expand. This year theme marks the end of the Interreg IV A subsidy period. This is also a good reason to look back on four and a half years of GrensWerte – and to look ahead to the future.

Actuele projecten

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