Grenzüberschreitende Kunstprojekte in der EUREGIO /
Grensoverschrijdende kunstprojecten in de EUREGIO


GrensWerte is a cross-border arts and culture programme. Within the context of GrensWerte, artists take part in, carry out, or perform ten to fifteen artistic events or projects in the period 2010 through to 2014 every year. All this takes place in the area known as the EUREGIO.

Every year, GrensWerte offers new projects that are linked to the theme chosen for that year. The overarching theme of these projects is always the border, particularly the border limits, the values and the limits of values. All forms of art and culture are welcome on the GrensWerte stage.

Art connoisseurs, inhabitants of the EUREGIO or other interested parties are warmly invited to view the arts projects in the EUREGIO, to listen to them or experience them in other ways.

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The full programme: GrensWerteWeltAusstellung.pdf


The Dutch-German culture programme GrensWerte started in 2010 with the Art Circus in Dinxperlo. After four years GrensWerte stops and closed with a Dutch-German meeting for artists in Kloster Bentlage in Rheine (Germany). In the past four years GrensWerte has established many connections in the Euregio, the results of which were on display for three weeks in the GrensWerte World Exhibition. After the official opening, the fruits of GrensWerte and the family day professional artists, businesses and cultural organisations gathered for the final day in order to exchange views on cross-border cooperation in the Euregion and to carry (on) the fruits of GrensWerte in the near future: in the spirit of GrensWerte, that is by experiencing the strange, but also by the similarities with the sometimes exotic culture of the neighbouring country.

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