How engaged are we with nature and culture, and with the whole process through to making the end product, and the end product itself? Does such a thing as ‘before the expiry date’ exist? Andreas Köpnick, university lecturer in Film, Video and New Media at the Münster art school, questions the art market and artists in a humorous yet critical manner, about their values in terms of ‘the creation process, daily life and the creative end product’.


Grund und Grenze

An outsized graph of ground reliefs along the German-Dutch border display pieces of ground coloured with paint, printed on handcrafted paper. These unique prints are for sale at today’s ground prices. The wonderful thing about this is that it’s not the artist that determines the price but the location. So what is all this about?


The King's Office

The King visited the Netherlands: the King of the New Network of Humanism (NNH) made an official tour of Enschede and Gronau. He was looking for new ways of management and wanted to hear your opinions.


Virtual Borders

The participatory project Virtual Borders by Claudia Brieske and Leslie Huppert was primarily geared towards specifying and defining all the various types of borders that influence our lives. In its latest version, the emphasis is no longer on observation and reflection, but on overcoming, combating and dismantling barriers.


Too much or too little?

From 1st March until 20th October this year (2013), arts association ArtHAUS will be demanding our attention for the issue the right balance in the arts, with its exhibition series Zuviel-Zuwenig in Schloss Ahaus in Ahaus (GER) and Villa de Bank in Enschede. The standpoint of ArtHAUS is that we are living in an era dominated by immense amounts: countries and banks accumulate absurd amounts of debt, new urban spaces arise to provide the enormous numbers of people a place of their own, and every second that goes by, gigantic amounts of data are moved across the World Wide Web.


Verre nabijheid . Ferne Nähe

Distant proximity - a travelling exhibition in the EUREGIO: artists Gerda Wantia, from Germany, and Mirian Jacobs, from the Netherlands, have thought deeply about what it means to have lived close to the border with another country, to be familiar with that other country, with a language similar to one’s own, but whose histories are totally different.


Jenseits von Gefühlen

Mari Girkelidse, the renowned artist from Georgia, has presented her Jenseits von Gefühlen as part of the Twente Biennial 2013 in Enschede. The theme of the Twente Biennial 2013 is ‘Identifying Europe’, and the key question being addressed was: Is there such a thing as a European identity?
The project tackles the topic of intimacy and sexuality, with Girkelidse questioning the role of the woman, the man, and the public.



Is it possible to translate the word EUREGIO into a map? If that’s the case, how is the region of Twente actually integrated into Europe? As part of an art relay race, German and Dutch inhabitants and commuters along the border region worked together for one week to create a personal map. The initiators of the project were pleasantly surprised with the high amount of public interest it generated in Museum TwentseWelle in Enschede.


Die Schürze - Zur Heimat

Inspired by her grandmother, Dutch artist Renata Berk has designed a stainless steel sculpture in the form of a maidservant’s apron.

Die Schürze – Zur Heimat is based on the life of Agnes Brinkmann, Renata Berk’s grandmother, who left her birthplace Ankum, Germany in the 1920s in exchange for an uncertain, but hopeful future in the Netherlands.


This is how a country arose

At some point in the past, the ditch that ran through the fields owned by the Beukeveld Family formed the border between the Netherlands and Germany. One day, this ditch was filled and Gerard Beukeveld’s was disowned. According to him, however, neither Germany nor the Netherlands ever paid any money for the ground on which the ditch had lain – and it is in this area that a no-man’s-land has been created. And so this is where he and a couple of his enthusiastic followers have proclaimed a new, sovereign state: Eurostaete.


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