Über den Tellerrand

The topic of the research project Über den Tellerrand by Judith Hofmann and Anke Sentker is communal eating: that moment we communicate with each other, to be shared and experienced together. The year theme Best Before forced both artists to stop delaying any longer and to enjoy the moment together. Judith and Anke look for answers to the question:  to what extent is eating an experience, or a pure necessity? How important is it to actually eat together, to maintain relationships and to cherish traditions?


Tom Liwa & Erwin Nyhoff

On the occasion of the concert series Sozialpalast (Münster) to mark the opening of the GrensWerte World Exhibition, two well-known musicians from both sides of the border will perform together at Kloster Bentlage: Tom Liwa and Erwin Nyhoff have agreed to show off their musical oeuvre in the multimedia caravan of Sozialpalast in the grounds of the cloister.


Walking Trees

an expedition in silence

For the family day, the GrensWerte World Exhibition will be organising child-friendly activities inside and outside Kloster Bentlage. One of the outdoor activities scheduled is Walking Trees by the Dutch artist Rob Sweere, whose Silent Sky Project earlier in the season guaranteed a unique experience for the participants. In Walking Trees, the key roles are played by the elements, nature and personal experience.


Schlafende Zöllner

In the four windows of the former border post in Glanerbrug, four dozing customs officers can be discerned, heads bowed over their desk. The life-size photos show the customs officers in their uniforms – two Dutch and two German. In the evening and at night, the customs officers are lit up, creating the effect of a government office bathed in light.


Service station

Something best described as a deserted petrol station made out of wood. But it’s not petrol we see but a children’s swing and an automatic vending machine for passers-by. Service: petrol station becomes a service station.



A row of conifers divides a plot of land into two sections; let’s call it a demarcation line. On either side is a neatly kept field of grass. On each plot of land, placed opposite each other, a children’s swing.



Shopping arcades are never just functional. There’s always room for something extra. And when art made its entrance in the arcade, it became obvious that this was where wishes and dreams could be visualised. Elaine Vis transformed the Rathauswinkelpassage in Emsdetten into a living biotope, where birds twitter and people sing gaily in harmony.


Hinterland Achterland

Two artists comb the border area, in search of traditions that are at risk of disappearing. Berenice Staiger and Jacomijn Schellevis visit historical centres, listen to people’s stories, at locations that have their own tales to tell. Their aim is to help preserve the cultural- and family bound traditions of the border area among all the old and almost forgotten traditions of that region.



The wind is continually blowing plant seeds in all directions. The artist Swaantje Güntzel from Hamburg makes use of this fact to blur the distinction of borders. In April 2012, as part of the year theme of Overhanging Fruit, she performed her project Blumenschiessen [Shooting seeds].



We are living today in a world where the numbers of consumers continue to increase, buying ever more stuff. And at home we are constantly being confronted with clothing we regret ever having purchased. Hands up if you’ve ever bought anything that has never seen the light of day outside the confinement of your wardrobe walls!
In keeping with the GrensWerte year theme Best Before, the GrensWerte World Exhibition will be making it possible for you to exchange all your purchasing blunders across the border for the purchasing blunders of others – before they get devoured by moths.


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